Frases de amor de viejitos

Frases de amor de viejitos

phrases for the elderly in nursing homes

Love is not only about «knowing how to choose» but also about listening. Many agree that communication is paramount and vital in a relationship. Communication in all its aspects and forms helps marital life is less confrontational and more fruitful. From this derives understanding and strengthen love.

The right person will always be the one you chose. That is, it is with whom you decided to share his life, she will become the source of your future together. Well, we do not marry the right person, we join the person who can complement your progress in life. To further deny it, she will accept all your flaws and personality.

Mistakenly, we think that happy couples are those who never make mistakes and that everyone develops in their role to perfection. That is not totally true, on the contrary, what they do is to take every possible mistake or offense as something that is not personal, and that is happening. And it depends on the maturity of both.

One of the greatest virtues that nourish us internally is gratitude. And when we feel very deeply to someone, everything is natural without pretense. As stated by Howie Mandel, everyone will always need support for

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phrases of respect

There is nothing like hearing something nice from the person you love towards you because you know that those words mean exactly what they are saying and are said with total sincerity. If you want to know more short and beautiful love phrases (with images) to dedicate them to that person enter this article.

Eternal and unconditional love between two people is the best thing that can happen to a relationship.  It is scientifically proven that when you are reciprocated, you are happier. Our body releases oxytocin, the so-called «love hormone», which causes the well-known cramps and butterflies in the stomach.

A true love can become the reason to get up every day, to smile without grilling and to face all your problems. Love has much more power than you can imagine, even more than hate, as Shakespeare said. It is not necessary to show it with expensive purchases of materialism, because it is a spiritual feeling, and you are satisfied with a simple caress every night.

couple of old people in love

We know how valuable that person is to you, for that reason we present you this day the best collection of images for you to dedicate them all, just download them completely free and send it by any favorite social network, do not stay without downloading all the images today.

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In each of the details you send to your partner you will let them know the importance they have in your life, so you need to always be able to give them even the simplest ones. So do not wait any longer and start downloading each of the images that we give you at no cost.

If you are looking for images to dedicate to that special person you just have to choose one of the ones we present in this opportunity and use it whenever you want, in order to make known what your heart feels.

The options that we present in this opportunity are ideal so that you can dedicate them to your girlfriend or boyfriend and you can make use of the different social networks, so that he or she can feel the love you have for her or him. Do not stay today without showing how much you love that special person.

love phrases to the elderly

Overdiagnosis and overtreatment is the most important consequence for sustaining the growth of the healthcare market. In this way, medical care itself becomes a risk factor for the population -Juan Irigoyen, Sociologist

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Personality traits modulate our behavior and decision-making. If we are extroverted we will have more personal and social relationships that favor longevity.-Dr.Margaret L. Kern

Today, with only a moderate dose of prevention, the expectation of a full and healthy life is not the privilege of a few but the lot of the majority. That is why premature deaths are especially shocking, indefensible and cruel. -Luis Rojas Marcos