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Frases de beberse la vida

Frases de beberse la vida

Wise drunk phrases

As you might expect, many of these phrases are born out of China’s tea-drinking culture, in the form of proverbs. A proverb is a popular phrase, sometimes of unknown origin, reflecting a wise or moral thought.

Another such proverb is: «drinking a cup of tea a day would starve the pharmacist». This sentence is mind-blowing! It reflects the great benefits of tea and indicates that if you regularly consume a cup of tea a day, you will never have health problems or anything that would lead you to go to the pharmacy for medicine. It’s a natural remedy!

On the other hand, there are also typical and famous phrases about drinking tea. They are usually written by people who have been important throughout world history or simply wanted to contribute their bit by talking about tea.

One of them, which is very existential, is: «Thank God for tea! What would the world do without tea? How does it exist? I’m glad I wasn’t born before tea. (Sydney Smith)» In this sentence, this man is very grateful for having discovered tea in his life. It may be because of its properties or because of its taste, but he is a great lover of tea!

Shots phrases

If the party is slowing down or you’re looking to bring back the fun of a get-together with friends, funny alcohol phrases are ideal. With this selection you can break the ice or generate some unexpected laughs.

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After the first drink, you see things as you would like them to be. After the second. you see them as they are not. And after the third, you see them as they really are. That’s the most horrible moment of all.

What would the iconic character Homer Simpson be without his beloved beer? If you’re looking for funny and classic alcohol phrases this one can’t miss in the repertoire. And if you also want to remember some of the best Simpsons Phrases, in this other article we offer you a great selection.

One of the best quotes about alcohol and friends, because it is perfect to dedicate it to that beer lover who never has enough with a round. Do you want to discover more similar quotes? If so, don’t miss the following Beer Phrases.

One of the alcohol phrases that we like the most, because although we often know people who when they drink get heavy, the truth is that there are too many who have that problem even when sober…. discover here other funny phrases for friends!

Funny phrases to toast

Wine phrases have as protagonist one of the most appreciated beverages in the world, especially in Mediterranean climates. Wine has many varieties, and, with these, many personalities: powerful and fruity red wines, fresh white or even sparkling for those who want a spark in their food. And this drink, like beer, has a strong presence at the table of many cultures.

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Wine phrases are evidence of this important presence and the ancient history of this beverage. It is said that the origins of this beverage date back to the Neolithic, with the appearance of pottery. From then on, wine became indispensable throughout Europe. As early as the 8th century B.C., in ancient Greece, a treatise on the beverage was written. Incidentally, in those times wine was drunk with water and kept in goatskins.

54. To preserve health and to recover it if it is lost, it is convenient to extend in everything and in all ways the use of drinking wine, for being, in moderation, the best vehicle of food and the most effective medicine. – Don Francisco de Quevedo y Villegas

Motivational phrases

Water is present in our daily lives, from the moment we wake up until the end of the day. This has not gone unnoticed by relevant characters of our history who have dedicated famous phrases to water. Today we compile 15 of them.

Water is the driving force of all nature». This is how Leonardo Da Vinci defined the element. And this genius was not wrong. Life on earth would be inconceivable without water and, therefore, it becomes the most powerful engine in the world.

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5. «Thousands of people have survived without love, none without water». Surely, if many of us are asked what is the most important thing in our lives, we would say love for and from our loved ones. Well, the poet and essayist W. H Auden invites us to elevate water to the same position.

7. «The cure for everything is always salt water: sweat, tears or the sea. Karen Christence Blixen-Finecke, writer known worldwide under the pseudonym Isak Dinesen, puts the most poetic note to the manifestations of water.

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